The Lady Eagle U19's are heading to districts this weekend

Audio Credits to "The Score" Picture Credits to Robert Sifinski and Matt Lehning

The U19AA Lady Eagles have had a season to be remembered. Often short on the bench, short on practice, but filled with heart and passion for the game. With players from Tampa  to Annapolis, they have proven that U19 girls teams can exist and be competitive in the south. 

2017-2018 Preseason Camp Photo

2017-2018 Preseason Camp Photo

U19 is a hard year for girls hockey as most players are on their senior year of high school, we have 8 of those players with a 2018 graduation date. Most of these young women have given up their ability to not take their senior year finals so they can play in the 2018 Districts. It is with Mixed emotions we will honor them at senior night..... on the road ... on a hockey weekend this Saturday night. 

We are also having to say goodbye to two players that are are aging out of youth hockey. Katherine Grinter and Lauren Moody.

So make sure this weekend you cheer in person or virtually for these ladies that have given their best to themselves and to the Eagles as they soar "Higher" at Districts.


David Reaugh