The U14 Carolina Lady Eagles Host the first CBHL Girls Games in Virginia Beach

The 2018-2019 U14 Lady Eagles are made up of players that wore 9 different organizations jerseys last year. 9 of the players came from The Prowl, The Jr. Admirals and The Whalers and call the Virginia Beach, Hampton, Williamsburg area their home…. during the week that is. So when we had the chance to some CBHL girls games in that area we did it. While Navy had to reschedule we found some great local Bantam teams to play.


Last weekend, November 17-18th, the Carolina Lady Eagles U14 team hosted the Tri-City Eagles, the Peninsula Prowl and the Hampton Roads Whalers in Virginia.  The girls delivered a strong victory in the first game on Saturday against the top-ranked Tri-City Eagles, coming from behind, to win 4-2.  Astrid Cain, goalie, dominated in the net while the Lady Eagles maintained a formidable defense throughout all three periods to limit Tri-City’s ability to capitalize.  The following Lady Eagles were able to sneak one by the goalie:

- Erin Madigan (83) - assisted by Alexis Cunningham (26) and Laura Redford (74)

- Kassidie Brokaw (12) - assisted by Anna Metzger (11)

- Melanie Cartwright (8) - assisted by Sam Garden (18)

- Sam Garden (18) - assisted by Lucy Braun (7)

The second game on Saturday was an exhibition game against Rebekah Garbarino’s house team, the Peninsula Prowl.  They were no match for our Lady Eagles, who scored 15 seconds into the game!  While the Prowl were able to rack up four goals, it wasn’t enough to overcome the Eagles and win.  The final was 5-4 with the following girls able to score:

- Lucy Braun (7) - assisted by Sam Garden (18)

- Laura Radford (74) - assisted by Kasumi Hall (16)

- Sam Garden (18) - assisted by Lucy Braun (7)

- Sam Garden (18), unassisted

- Alexis Cunningham (26) - assisted by Sarah Gehl (21)

Sunday morning’s game delivered the Lady Eagles their first loss of the weekend, dropping game two against the Tri-City Eagles.  The girls were energized and dominated the majority of the game but were unable to capitalize on opportunities.  Ultimately, the final score was 3-2.  The two goals by the Lady Eagles were by:

- Erin Madigan (83) - assisted by Sam Garden (18)

- Emma DeMan (72) - assisted by Sam Garden (18) 

The final game for the Lady Eagles was an exhibition game against the Hampton Roads Whalers, a full-time travel team from Chesapeake.  The girls played hard but were, ultimately, no match for a predominately all boys travel team.  However, the Lady Eagles were able to penetrate the Whalers defense to rack up two goals.  The final score was 6-2.  The Lady Eagles who were able to put the puck in the net were:

- Emma DeMan (72) - assisted by Jillian Muglia (3)

- Sarah Gehl (21) - assisted by Erin Madigan (83)

It was a great weekend of ice hockey with some fun mixed in!  The girls continue to improve with each game and the future is bright for the Lady Eagles U14 Team!  We appreciate the help and support from all the parents in making each game/weekend a tremendous success.  Next weekend, Nov. 30th - Dec. 2nd, will be a BIG weekend of hockey with six games in three days.  Rest up, ladies!  #growthegame

Article Written by Shari and Chris Garbarino

David Reaugh