Carolina Lady Eagles Support CAHA efforts to Improve Girls Hockey

CAHA girls hockey is coming!

     Many of you have heard information about CAHA working to improve girls hockey in the Carolinas with better opportunities for players and improved communication between charter members to help solidify both recreational and competitive girls hockey. The Eagles will support these efforts with our experience, resources, and players (some sooner some later) as this program starts to form and evolve over the next few years. Please look for more information from CAHA directly in the weeks to come.

"The Eagles are fully supportive of CAHA working to improve opportunities and competitiveness for girls hockey locally, in the district and the goal of being nationally relevant in the future. With the late timing of the discussions ,one week before tryouts, and the Eagles program ,being completely different than other girls programs in the affiliate,  will continue with our plans to have full time National Bound teams at the U14 and U16 level. We will work closely with CAHA and the other charters to support the currently "high level" framework for the 2017-2018 Season. We have already seen improved communication between all involved in just one week, which should bring hope for years to come." 


David Reaugh

Carolina Lady Eagles 

Girls Hockey Program Director


C: 919-208-3974


Here is Some Data that has come directly from CAHA to help put things in perspective of girls numbers in the Carolina's

Note: registration doesn't mean you played on a team. As of 3/14/2016

David Reaugh