Carolina Lady Eagles Program Presentation

Here is a link to our Presentation from last week.

In talking with players and parents and learning from last years National Bound program, we are looking to have pickups for practice and game weekends at exit 122 (I-85) for Greensboro andCharlotte, and exit 364 (I-40) to help with travel. Further your daughters can stay the weekend with player families to also help family displacement and cost while also providing further team building. Lastly we would like to do some player development in Greensboro during the week so those players can participate as much as possible with the team.

Below are the main points of the program that we are offering:

  • Weekend Model - practices and off ice video sessions held on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate out of town players and homework schedules.  All practices are full ice.
  • 4 training sessions(min) with Prime Time Hockey throughout the season
  • Up to 20 total Player Development sessions based on rosters.
  • We do not play boys teams
  • 36-40 games
  • League play in the CBHL 
  • 3 tournaments
  • National Bound
  • Hockey Specific Strength and Conditioning program
  • Online player profiles available to prep school and college coaches
  • Most games and practices online for video review
  • Most games are streamed live online 
  • It's all about the Girls 

“Success through our team, builds more success, Eagles soar" 

* Goalies have 4 Sessions
** Separate U19 team will be based on available players. We want players to play and not age out, and will play in the U19 CBHL division.

David Reaugh